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Dependable Demolition started in 1984 when a father and son answered a need for a responsible demolition and cleanup of discarded factory equipment. Now, over 25 years later, Dependable Demolition is still your family run business providing reliable and efficient demolition all over the nation while standing on the founding core values of the Arwood family.

What We Can Do

Dependable Demolition offers inventive and trustworthy demolition services that recycles and disposes of a wide range of discarded materials. John D. Arwood, a certified DBE and American Indian, is dedicated to conservation. Dependable Demolition uses responsible and safe demolition practices in all their disposal methods. Not just concrete, we recycle and reuse metal, wood, siding and much more. Removing doorknobs from doors, separating items before demolition, and donating to charities such as Builders Care, Dependable Demolition will go the distance for responsible demolition.

Meet the Arwoods

Recycling has been a passion for John D. Arwood since he was a child. He first started recycling by gathering aluminum cans and coke bottles around the neighborhood on his bicycle.

Before starting Dependable Demolition, his father, John C. Arwood, moved his family to Florida from the foothills of West Virginia in the early 1970’s and worked as a welder. The Arwood’s family motto “you don’t work, you don’t eat,” echoed in their business ethics as the Arwoods launched Dependable Demolition in 1984. It was then that John C. Arwood and John D. Arwood, the father and son duo, began recycling retired cranes, tanks and rail systems. Their enthusiasm and exceptional service allowed Dependable Demolition to grow and recycle a variety of materials. The Arwood’s passion for quality demolition services makes Dependable Demolition the business it is today.