Building Demolition

If you need complete home removal, leveling of a shopping center, or demolishing an out-of-commission industrial plant, Dependable Demolition has the personnel, years of experience, and equipment to ensure a safe and complete demolition. Whether by implosion or traditional methods, Dependable Demolition has the knowledge and expertise to complete any commercial, residential or industrial demolition job. From knocking down walls, porches, or additions, to demolishing entire houses, strip malls, or industrial parks, no job is too large or small for Dependable Demolition.

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Residential Demolition

Dependable Demolition – Call 855-713-6280 Toll Free – Building, Pool and Driveway Demolition ContractorsNot all residential demolitions are condemned houses. Historic and remolded homes may contain harmful asbestos, lead pain, PCBs and mercury which cause serious health risks. A partial or total home demolition could be the best solution to completely remove these hazards from your home.

Choosing a qualified and reliable demolition contractor is vital. The days of traditional cranes with wrecking balls are over.  Dependable Demolition use up-to-date equipment such as hydraulic shears, concrete processors, hammers, grapples, and magnets to give you the most precise and safe home demolition. For more information, call 855-713-6280 Toll Free.

Each demolition project is carefully planned and organized for proper permitting, appropriate equipment and responsible cleanup for a successful demolition. Dependable Demolition will also excavate the newly cleared site for easy rebuilding. Start your residential demolition »

Dependable Demolition – Call 855-713-6280 Toll Free – Building, Pool and Driveway Demolition Contractors

Commercial Demolition

If you are looking to demolition a larger structure such as a strip mall, a shopping complex, a Wal-Mart or a school we have the experience and resources you need. Larger demolition projects require experienced and seasoned contractors to carefully plan and execute every demolition.

After destroying the commercial site, cleanup crews will sort and recycle as much concrete and other materials as possible. Dependable Demolition is concerned not only for the efficiency and success of the demolition project but also the environmental impact to your community. We strive to minimize potential hazards both during the demolition and once the debris is removed. Commercial Demolition Free Quote »

Industrial Demolition

Large demolition projects such as industrial parks, factory warehouses, sewer plants and electrical fields require teams of experienced personnel and reputable contractors working together to ensure a safe and successful demolition. Dependable Demolition gives you both resources specific to your area to guarantee a successful and safe finish.

Before one brick is overturned, a great deal of time and energy must be devoted to the engineering pre-planning phase in order to identify environmental issues, public safety and health risks, personnel safety and cleanup/recycling process. Many industrial parks contain hazardous waste and steel debris that must be properly handled and disposed. Need a quote for Industrial Demolition?

Responsible Cleanup

Once the building is destroyed, crews will carefully begin cleaning up and recycling the debris. For major projects as these, a trustworthy and reliable contractor is essential. Call Dependable Demolition at 855-713-6280 Toll Free. We have the service and expertise to see any building demolition job from beginning to end.

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