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How do I get a rough estimate of the project price?

Whether you are demolishing a house, commercial building, garage, driveway, swimming pool, etc. there are often several consistent factors that will affect the cost.

During your on-site estimate, make sure to ask your Valley contractor about these considerations to make sure you have an accurate estimate.

Before the Demolition

We recommend before starting the project that you get a number of estimates from different demolition contractors. A great place to start is with our free, no obligation quote form. These projects can range greatly in anticipated price and you’ll want to make sure you find a contractor experienced in your particular needs.  When interviewing a potential contractor, as about their qualifications and references.  They will have their own particular process to follow, make sure you understand that process before you begin.

If the building is older, there may be environmental concerns as well.  Talk to your contractor about possible inspections for Lead-Based Paint and Asbestos Abatement.

Next step, permits.  Not all project or locations require permits for a demolition job.  Your local contractor should be able to tell you exactly what is needed for this particular project.

Before demolition begins, don’t forget to disconnect all utilities.  Electricity is just the start; don’t forget about water and possible gas lines which may need to be disconnected professionally.

After the Demolition

The job doesn’t end when the building is down. Salvage and proper disposal of debris is crucial to a successful project.  Many items, such as concrete, old fixtures, steel, etc. are perfect for recycling and salvage yards.  Additionally, your contractor may level and prepare the site for future use.  Talk this over with him ahead of time so he is aware of all your requirements.