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855-713-6280 – Building Demolition, Wrecking, Concrete Cutting and Clean-up projects in Glen Burnie, Maryland can finally be performed safely by choosing Dependable Demolition. Free estimates are available by simply calling 855-713-6280. We have over 100 years of combined knowledge when it comes to Commercial and Industrial Demolition in Glen Burnie, Maryland. In ground and above ground Swimming Pool removal is easy by calling for a free estimate 855-713-6280.

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For anyone in Glen Burnie, MD looking for a trustworthy demolition contractor at an affordable price, Dependable Demolition has just what you’re looking for.  Call toll free 855-713-6280. We carefully pre-screen demolition contractors all over Glen Burnie to give you the best demolition contractors to get the job done right. We give you excellent service at a price you can afford. Whether you need a swimming pool removal, recycling or building demolition in Glen Burnie, MD, there is no demolition project we can’t do.

Responsible Demolition

Dependable Demolition – Call 855-713-6280 Toll Free – Building, Pool and Driveway Demolition ContractorsDependable Demolition not only provides you with cost effective service, but we go the extra mile to minimize our impact on Glen Burnie community. From recycling unwanted metal, to removing doorknobs and sorting material, to donating to Builders Care Charity, we are dedicated to responsible demolition practices. Dependable Demolition also provides you with all the simplicity of local Glen Burnie contractor with the versatility of a national company.

We list pre-screened contractors in Glen Burnie that will take care of you right where you are. You choose the company, we guarantee the job gets done. Call toll free 855-713-6280.

Dependable Demolition is willing to go above and beyond Glen Burnie, MD for all of your demolition projects. If you need demolition outside Glen Burnie, MD, check out our services in a city of your choice.

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How much will it cost? How do I get a rough estimate of the project price?

Whether you are demolishing a house, commercial building, garage, driveway, swimming pool, etc. there are often several consistent factors that will affect the cost.  During your on-site estimate, make sure to ask your Glen Burnie contractor about these considerations to make sure you have an accurate estimate:

Dependable Demolition ofGlen Burnie, Maryland

  • Building Description: Square footage and number of stories may affect the scope of the demolition. Block, brick, wood, steel, concrete, asphalt, shingles, etc can all affect the pricing.
  • Disposal or Salvage: An easily overlooked cost is the cost of removal and disposal of the debris after the demolition.  Don’t forget to calculate hauling and transport costs as well as any landfill fees that may be added to the project. Sometimes the materials in your structure can be sold for scrap or salvaged and recycled in other ways.  Not only is this is great approach for the environment, it can help offset the cost of the project.
  • Environmental Impact and Permits: If the building is older, there may be environmental concerns as well.  Talk to your contractor about possible inspections for Lead-Based Paint and Asbestos Abatement. These compliance fees and additional permits may add to the cost.
  • Site Prep: If you are preparing the site for future use, your demolition may require clearing and prepping the site.  Talk to your contractor for those fees.

What happens to all the debris after the demolition?

Dependable Demolition is always looking for ways to adopt “green” practices in our demolition and disposal.  Most concrete can be reused and recycled.  In addition, often other scrap metal, fixtures and structural pieces can be salvaged.  Whenever possible, we make efforts to get these pieces to the right places.

Bundling your Portable Restroom and Dumpster Rental and Save Money

Through our partnerships with 123 Dumpster Rental and 123 Portable Toilet Rental, we are now offering more services geared toward and bundled especially for the special events market. Porta-Potty rentals or Portable Toilets are a usual “add on” service, and is regularly offered along with hand sink and even portable shower rentals. Not everyone who needs dumpster rental service also needs Porta-Potty rentals as well, but it is nice to know the services are available if they do. By bundling these services, we help special event planners save time by dealing with fewer vendors. Also, there are price savings associated with package deals which make them attractive for consumers. Start saving today by call toll-free 855-713-6280.

We Are Here to Help

Dumpster Rental and Disaster relief provided by networking with organizations such as FEMA, Home Land Security, Red Cross, and your local city code enforcement.

Dependable Demolition also offers discounts to all tax exempt customers including all churches, the disabled, veterans and many more non-profit organizations.

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