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  1. Dedicated server says

    Find a reliable demolition service with the convenience of a local demolition contractor Commercial Demolition

  2. My husband and I wanted to tear down our garage to build onto our home. We did not know where to
    start and found Dependable Demolition I would recommend there service to anyone lookinig to have
    a demolition done

  3. I wanted to take a minute out of my day to let anyone that may be looking for a good demolition company please
    call Dependable Demolition. This company provided great Customer Service and worked with me setting up
    the demolition and took the time to explain every step the pricing was amazing. I would recommend this company.

  4. My family wanted to take down the old shed in our back yard but we never taken on such a job. My husband went online and located Dependable Demolition we worked with everyone to set up the service which ended up being great

  5. My friends down the street had a demolition done on there home in January the job came out beautiful.
    I contacted the company due to the job that was done and I have to say I am very pleased thank you
    Dependable Demolition

  6. My friends and I wanted to help out our neighbors a elderly couple. The were trying to rebuild a garage that
    over the years became broken and old. We called Dependable Demolition and got a wonderful quote
    the company came out did the service and I have to say Thank you for all the help and care they showe while
    working on the project.

  7. The design team we hired to do our renovation wanted to have our little house in the back took down to add the addition on to my house. I called Dependable Demolition and was able to get them to come out give me a estimate and have the company do the work which came out beautiful.-

  8. My husband and I just purchased a house and wanted to demo the pool in the back yard it was old and falling apart. We contacted Dependable Demolition and were very pleased with the job.

  9. I had a demolition that needed to be done at my grandmother house in Colorado. I wanted to just take the time to say this is the company I contacted Dependable Demolition they were very efficent and reasonable.

  10. The Bowdens says

    My family home were I was brought up needed to be demo. I found this company to do the job for me I have to say they were extremely professional

  11. I purchased my first home in California a few months ago and wanted to remove my garage and a old shed.
    I went online and reviewed several companies before I made a decision with Dependable Demolition.
    I have to say they were great the price was excellent but the thing that stood out the most and why I
    am recommending them is the service was outstanding from the beginning to the end.

  12. My family had a fire and the back of our parents home was destroyed we ended up having to take that
    portion of the home down and rebuild. I called Dependable Demolition the estimate I received was
    so workable for my parents. They came out all the worker were very nice and the property was left
    in great condition we appreciated the good service

  13. The Harris says

    We were in a bind regarding timeframe for a demo we wanted to have our two rooms taken down before the bad weather hit. We were able to get this company to rush with the demo they came out give extimate and start the job plus the price was very affordable.

  14. I located a company to do a demolition for our family home. It was so sad to see out home for so many years but I wanted to take a minute and let everyone know how wonderful this company handled our job.

  15. I wanted to take the underground pool that was in our yard and fill it in to extend the yard area. I was not
    sure who would be able to do this for me. I went online and discovered Dependable Demolition they have a wide area of different jobs they are able to handle and I was very lucky this was one Thanks

  16. I had a demo done on my two back rooms of my house Dependable Demolition was a great company to work with they made the whole process quick and easy.

  17. This company is excellent with the service Thank you

  18. Our church purchase some property that we wanted to build out daycare on but the property had a old shed and junk piled up on it over the years. We went online and located this company I have to say they worked with up regarding the entire project. Thank you

  19. My uncle needed to have his double wide trailer demo and the land cleaned out also. I contacted Dependable
    Demolition and they were able to handle the entire job. The company did a Great job

  20. Our church purchase a old building that we wanted to tear down for a parking lot next to our chuch. The
    committee appointed me to look for a company that would be able to help us in tearing it down and getting it
    ready to be paved. I called Dependable Demolition and the company gave such a reasonable quote I could
    not turn it down best of all the service was excellent from the beginning of the project to the end. Thank you

  21. My family puchase some land in Arizona and wanted to have all the structures taken down. My sister contacted
    Dependable Demolition and they were amazing with the service and pricing.

  22. I needed to have my garage taken down to build a second addition. I called Dependable Demolition and
    they were the most reasonable company to have the job done in the entire area. The company was very professional and efficent with the service. I just wanted to say Thank you

  23. I wanted to just take a minute and say Thank you to this company Dependable Demolition. The company
    did a demolition for my parents and they were wonderful from the service quoting to the job itself.

  24. My husband and I just bought our dream homje but we needed to do some renovations to it. My husband contacted Dependable Demolition and they were able to give us a quote over the phone. The quote was
    so reasonable that we went with this company and we both are very pleased we did. The company was very
    efficent from the begiinning of our project to the end we could not have asked for more. Thank you

  25. My brother wanted to demo my parent garage in Arizona and rebuild for the two car garage. We went online and
    found Dependable Demolition my brother were very pleased with how they gave a quote called back set up the service and followed thru with the clean up.

  26. I never did a demo but I just bought my first house and was recommended to this site Dependable Demolition I have to say they put me at ease and the price was affordable I would recommend this company to my friends.
    Thank you for the great job

  27. Wow guys, outstanding job. I never do this but the job you did merits some positive reinforcement. From start to finish, yours was the most professional and courteous company I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Thank you so much for everything. You guys are the best in the buisness.

  28. My parents needed the shed in there back yard brought down. I helped them locate Dependable Demolition they worked with my parents on the pricing and setting up for the service. I have to take a minute and Thank this company my parent are elderly and I appreciated the care they took with my parents. Thank you

  29. I wanted to take a moment to let every know how great Dependable Demolition is. The company worked
    within our budget for the service they did everything from the Demo required we set everything up with
    one phone call and the work itself was of great quality I would use them again and have recommended the
    company to several of my friends.

  30. I needed a demoliton done at my grandmothers house. I contacted Dependable Demolition I have to say
    they were very kind they walked me throught the whole process and were very efficent in the job. I would recommend the company to my friends.

  31. I wanted to recommend Dependable Demolition to others out there that need a demolition done. This
    company was so affordable they worked with my time frame my budgent and any restrictions I had I would use them again

  32. I wanted everyone to know this is the company to use for a demolition. I recommend using Dependable

  33. My brothers wanted to take down my parents small house they built in the back of there home due to
    all the rains and hail it was badly damaged. My brother went online and called a few companies he
    was able to get someone from Dependable Demolition to call back. We set up service with the representative
    and the price was so affordable that we would use them again

  34. I had a demolition done on my home and I just wanted to say how professional this company is and I would recommend them to everyone

  35. My husband and I wanted to surprise my parents and help them tear down the shed that over years was
    just old and dangerous. My husband went online and found this site they were at my parents house on
    time friendly and the best part is the whole project was affordable.