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It is important to Dependable Demolition that our customer are satisfied with the services they’ve received. And we want to share with you the positive feedback they’ve given us. If you’ve had a good experience with one of our contractors, why not leave us a comment and let us know!


  1. I finally got around to clearing out some land I puchase a year ago. It had a shed a old pool that was underground and both needed to be taken down. I went to Dependable Demolition and they were able to
    help me from beginning to the end of the project. I would recommend this company if you want a great job done!

  2. I needed to have my pool filled in not exactly a demo but did not know who to contact. I called the number provided on the site and they were able to assist me. So I wanted other to know just in case you are looking to
    do the same thing

  3. We had a demolition that needed to be done in Arizona. My brother’s and I were helping out our fraternity purchased a old home we wanted to take down and rebuild. I went to the site and found Dependable Demolition the service was great from beginning to the end of the project.

  4. A qoute to a full demolition in just a few short days! You guys made this too easy! Thank you!

  5. Tina Marie says

    My family needed to demo our family home how sad I really didnot even want to take part in it but it was time.
    My brother found the company online through Dependable Demolition I have to say they were very efficent
    came on time left everything as clean as I guess a demo can be but the best part was the people they
    almost felt our pain made the experience easier. Thank you

  6. We bought a house that the previous owners had built a secondary bathroom in one of the bedrooms. It turned out they had not permitted that job and when the city found out after the inspection was done they required us to completely remove the bathroom, and then get a permit to rebuild it. I was so beyond angry with the whole situation and I just wanted someone to come in and make it disappear. Dependable came in and had the bathroom completely demolished within a few hours. I really appreciate them making this horrible situation a little bit easier. Now I just have to start the process of permitting and rebuilding.

  7. We bought a piece of property to use as a vacation home in the mountains. It had an ooooooold run down trailer circa 1970. We needed to have the trailer taken down so we googled for demolition specialists in the area. These guys were the first company to pop up and we had fully intended on calling a list of people, but once we got on the phone with them I knew I had to look no further. They were so helpful and knwledgable and kind. They were able to quickly provide me with a quote, and then once I accepted they quickly scheduled to come out and get started. They had that thing torn down like it was a sand castle! Best part was I had to do nothing, just make a phone call and then let them do what they do. Couldn’t have asked for better. THANK YOU!

  8. I have never seen a demolition no less thought of setting one up I did not know where to start of how. All I knew is that I wanted my pool removed. I was recommended to this site by my girlfriend and Thank goodness I was.
    The company walked me through everything step by step. I got a quote set up for the company to come out and
    made my payment all in one phone call. I have to say Dependable Demolition was Great!

  9. I live in Alabama and we wanted to demo the house we just bought and rebuild. Well I am sure you know its a long process. I lucky found this company that made at least that one step of the process easier. All in one phone call I was able to set up service delivery and payment best off all they arrived on tiime and were very professional.

  10. We had an old nasty pool in the backyard of a house we bough that we needed demo’d so we could put a new one in. Dependable gave me a great price and did the work quickly, on time, and courteously. Couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait to get the new one up in and relax with the kids! Thanks!

  11. Wow guys! It took 3 days from the time I got a quote to the time you were finished with the demolition of my inground pool…3 days! So fast, professional, and the cheapest quote I received by far! Great job and keep up the good work! I love Dependable!

  12. Mr. & Mrs Tinore says

    We had a issue with our back room leaking from the storm we had. We decided to just tear the room down
    and rebuild. We went to the Dependable Demolition site and I have to say that was the best decision we
    could have made. I recommend the site and the company to anyone needing a demolition done.

  13. Well I have to say this company was extremely pleasant to work with. Our pool needed to be filled in and the deck brought down. The company came out gave us the estimate everything was done in one weekend I told my neighbor she was trying to do some of the same renovations.

  14. I needed a demolition done at my home we wanted to bring down out play room that we had built onto the
    house about five years ago. I contacted Dependable Demolition they came out the company was very
    professional and affordable I would gladly use this company again.

  15. I don’t know about you but I have never had to do a demolition. I live in California and we had a mud slide last year. It took a while to get started but, eventually we had to bring down out home and start over again. The thought of it all was overwhelming. I do have to say that this site made it extremely easier then I ever imagine.
    Thank you.

  16. I had a really good experience and wanted everyone to know. I normally don’t take the time to do this
    but the company was excellent from beginning to the end. I went to the site and put in for a quote.
    Someone called me back and set up the service the price was reasonable and they made the entire
    process easy. Thank you

  17. My grandmother house was hit bad in the last storm we had and it destroyed her garage. We have been wanting to take it down and rebuild but never had the time. We decided to have someone come out to
    help us bring the garage down so we could start the rebuild and found Dependable Demolition. I have
    to say the company was wonderful and helped us step by step with everything we needed.

  18. Our family wanted to tear down my grandparent old shed and deck and build a garage and new patio. We did
    not know were to start. I came across this site and was able to set everything up at one time got the quote. The company called back and set everything in motion. Great Site.

  19. I wanted to take down my parents garage and did not know where to start. I came across this website
    Dependable Demolition and was able to speak to someone that gave me a quote and set everything up
    they made the process easy and affordable. Thank you

  20. I wanted to take a minute and let every know that I would recommend Dependable Demolition to everyone.
    The company was fast efficent and best of all reasonable.

  21. Your team is amazing! It was literally a week from the time I called you to give me a quote till the time you had done a complete demolition on the old pool I had. Great job guys. I never do this sort of thing but people need to know about you guys. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

  22. We had bought a piece of property that had an ooooooooooold mobile home on it. We needed it tore down and tkane away. Dependable tored it down with a quickness. I am so glad that thing is gone and we can now start building our dream home on the property.

  23. Dependable Demolition is a great company if you looking for a company that is effective and affordable this
    is the company. I had my grandmother home that needed to be taken down I contact Dependable Demolition
    they gave me a quote set up for the service and were very affordable.

  24. Nathaniel says

    The beautiful magnolia tree that my wife just had to have has grown and grown and grown and the roots have spread so far they ruined my driveway. Dependable was able to tear the old driveway out and lay down a new driveway after we had the roots taken card of by a tree service. They were professional, easy to work with, and price great. If you need help with constructions needs they should be the first call you make. Thanks guys.

  25. So professional and polite from the office staff all the way to the guys on site. You guys made my demolition project so much easier than I ever imagined and I am so grateful. Thank you so much.

  26. I normally do not take the time to go online and let people know about a company but, my service was so
    outstanding I had to take the time. Thank you Dependable Demolition for making my life easy and helping me out. The company had great service affordable prices

  27. Laura Laney says

    OMG they made EVERYTHING sooooooo easy!!!!! Totally love them!!! They got this unsightly brick, I hate to even call it a building because it was UGLY, but they tore it down and cleaned up and it was like it was never even there! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

  28. I never do this but the service I received from you guys warrants a thank you so here goes…thank you so much for everything, outstanding job.

  29. I needed to have the pool removed out of my backyard and some suggested this site. I have to say they were
    right it was so easy and not expensive I would recommend Dependable Demolition to my family and friends.

  30. I never had a demolition done and did not know how to even start. So I went to the internet and found
    Dependable Demolition I would highly recommend them the company set up the quote an follow up with
    the service and I did not have to really do anything they handled everything for me Thank you so much.

  31. Jake Rufio says

    These dudes rock!!! I needed someone to do some demo work for me before I could start a job and they totally helped me out. Anytime I need a demo done they will be the ones.

  32. I have recommended Dependable Demolition to my friends. I live in North Carolina and wanted everyone to know if you need a reliable affordable company this is who you need to call

  33. Big thank yous to your company for helping me with tearing down an old building on my parents property. Truly had no idea what I was doing and you all walked me through the process like it was easy as pie. The best company out there for demo!

  34. You guys are the best demo company out there. Hands down. I need never look any further for my demolition needs in the future because you guys are the best there is. Thank you so much.

  35. I highly recommend this site to anyone looking to have a demolition done. I am located in VA and the last storm cause damage to our garage. We finally got around to tearing it down and went online to find a company. My husband and I came along this site and called for a quote. We were so happy with the service and the quote given we did not have to look any further. The company showed up on time and the job was beautiful the best part is that it was so affordable.

  36. This site is so easy to use and so affordable I wanted everyone to know. I live in South Carolina and needed
    a dumpster just for the weekend but did not want to pay a leg and a arm so I went online to get different rate
    I came across this site and would come back next time I needed a dumpster

  37. Great site to get a quote and to set up for a demolition. The company was very good with calling me back and I have to say it was a pleasant experience

    Thank you

  38. Thank You so much Dependable for making it easier and cheaper for me to get rid of some “junk” that was around my property and an old shed.

    Thank You, Maggie

  39. I am from California and needed to have a demolition done. I have to say I love this site it was so easy and affordable and would recommend to everyone.

  40. I am so relieved to have found a company that was so helpful in a time that I really needed it. I bought a home as a single mom and wanted to have an old shed in the backyard demolished and hauled away to give more room for my kids to play. Dependable Demo really made this process easy and painless! Thank you so much! I highly recommend them!